Future Plan Of Shapla

Name Of Projects/ ProgramObjectives
1. Local Governance- To aware the community people on their rights.
- To empower the community leaders as well as community People.
- To minimize the social conflicts, etc.
2. Traditional/ Folk and Modern Cultural Programs- To preserve & practice Bangladeshi folk culture on different development issues.
- To recover as well as develop skills of the scattered artist to improve the society.
3. Agriculture- To ensure the better facilities of deprived rural farmers to develop their socio-economic condition.
- To enhance the farmer's skill on different agricultural issues through effective skill development training.
- To develop linkage among farmers, GO-NGO personnel and service providers.
4. Local Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Products Marketing- To ensure the disbursement of quality products through easy and cost-effective way.
- To develop the publicity of local products both at National and International arena.
5. Research and Training Institute- To investigate as well as find-out the original social picture.
- To develop the community people as well as GO-NGO personnel through necessary skill development training.
6. Climate Change/ Disaster Risk ReductionTo develop the skills of community people and different development organizations on different man-made and natural disaster coping mechanism.
7. Orphan SponsorshipTo help orphans and their families to pursue sustainable livelihood strategies such as health & nutritional support, water and sanitation facilities and awareness on social factors, improvement of housing, quality educational, child rights, etc. to play role for community development.
8. Human Rights and Legal Aid Services- Creating awareness on human rights and laws to empowerment especially for the poor and marginalized through community mobilization and capacity building.
- Utilizing the legal system to reduce violence against women and children.
- Building a critical link between rights and development by engaging the government and rights based organizations.
9. Women Empowerment - To empower the women ensuring their rights.
10. Child rights- To ensure the children's rights.
11. Preservation, Protection and Development of almost extinct culture.- To Preserve,Protection and Development of almost extinct culture in Rajshahi Division.
12. Establishment of health care and Medical College Hospital- Establishment of health care and medical college hospital for quality health services.
13. Establishment of Cultural MuseumEstablishment of Cultural Museum
14. Establishment of Cultural College & University.To ensure quality and expansion of cultural activities and sector.
15. Establishment of Social Research Center.To conduct of social issue based research, documentation and Publication.
16. Adolescent OffenceTo reduce and protect of adolescent offence.