Governance of Shapla

Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha has been followed for its execution, planning & designing, management, decision making and implementation by two tier. Undertake management function through active participation of the concerned members of the respective structure. The detailed procedures of these structures and its functions are shown below;

  • General Committee (GC)

According to the constitution of Shapla General Committee consists of 21 (Male-13 and Female- 08) members and this is the top management body of the organization. The members of the general committee select from different sector of the society and different area. General committee of the organization arranges minimum one Annual General Meeting (AGM) and if necessary Special General Meeting (SGM).

In the AGM annual plan, annual budget, policy, decisions and rules & regulations, annual report and expenditure of the previous year are approved. SGMs are organized to meet emergency need and situation.


  • Executive Committee (EC)

Executive Committee (EC) of Shapla consists of 07 (Male-03 and Female-04) members and these members are elected by the General committee members. The EC is responsible for management, administration, policy making and implementation of all projects/program activities of the organization through regular meeting arrange by the committee. The Executive Director of Shapla is nominated member as the General Secretary of the EC as per the constitution. The Executive Director is empowered by the EC to take final decisions in all aspects and responsible for maintaining liaison with govt. donors, partner organizations, stakeholders and other agencies. Duration of Executive Committee is three years. Position wise information of Executive committee (EC) is given below;


Sl Name of Members Male/ Female Designation Principal Occupation Age Educational Qualification
1 Md. A.Rouf Kabiraj Male Chairman Service 46 M.S.S.
2 Nasrin Sultana Female Vice- Chairman Social Worker 38 B.A
3 Md.Mohsin Ali Male Gen. Secretary/ED Service 46 M.S.S.
4 Mst.Sahanaj Parvin Female Ass. Ge Secretary Social Worker 24 B.A.
5 Md. Ali Newaj Male Treasurer Service 47 M.S.S.
6 Mst. Selina Islam Female Member Service 43 M.S.S.
7 Shamima Sultana Female Member Service 47 M.S.S.