Ongoing Program

Ongoing Program And Operational Areas (District & Upazila Name)

SL.Program NameLocationFund
01.Micro Finance ProgramRajshahi, Naogaon, Natore & Nawabgonj DistrictPKSF & Bank
02.Housing ProjectRajshahi DistrictBangladesh Bank
03.WASH ProjectRajshahi DistrictOwn
04.Non-formal Primary EducationRajshahi DistrictPKSF & Own
05.Shapla Cultural SchoolRajshahi DistrictOwn
06.Shapla ICT ProgramRajshahi DistrictBNF & Bank
07.Health, Education & NutritionTanor Upozila - Rajshahi District PKSF & Bank
08.Drug Prevention ProjectRajshahi DistrictOwn
09.Early marriage, Dowry Control & Family Violence Prevention ProjectRajshahi DistrictOwn
10.Scholars Greetings Rajshahi DistrictOwn
11.Financial Support to the Poor & Brilliant Students Rajshahi, Naogaon, Natore & Nawabgonj DistrictOwn
12.Skill For Employment Investment Program (SEIP)Rajshahi DivisionPKSF & Own
13.VGD ProgramAtrai, NaogaonWomen & Child Affairs Ministry
14.Shapla Technical Training InstituteRajshahi DivisionOwn
15.Elderly People Development ProgramTanor Upozila - Rajshahi DistrictPKSF & Own
16.Day & Festival Observation 4 Districts Of Rajshahi DivisionOwn
17.Shapla Agricultural ProgramRajshahi, Naogaon, Natore & Nawabgonj DistrictOwn
18.Training ProgramRajshahi, Naogaon, Natore & Nawabgonj DistrictOwn
19.Adolescent & Youth Awareness and Development ProgramRajshahi DistrictOwn
20.Gender and Development ProgramRajshahi DistrictOwn